Hey there, I'm Sally and I'm so happy to have you here!  Most days you can find me hanging out in my pajamas for as long as possible and drinking copious amounts of tea.  I'm known for being very relaxed and go-with-the-flow.  Being chill is a way of life!  I also love to serve the world by volunteering where I can with both arts organizations and animal rescue groups.
I work with people who have a desire to capture real moments in their lives with their beloved pets.  I am so honored to be invited into their lives and share these moments with them.  When I lost my beloved Jack Russell, Biscuit, one of the things I regretted the most was not having more photos of the two of us together.  I always have a camera in my hand, so I have lots of pictures of her alone or with other members of my family, but not nearly as many pictures with her as I would have liked.
When I'm not busy capturing fantastic memories for my clients, you can find me obsessing over my niece and nephew, burning yummy smelling candles, dreaming about traveling to far off places, and crafting!  I love to keep busy with my hands, especially by doing embroidery, sewing, creating paper crafts, and making jewelry. I sell those creations on Etsy, so make sure to follow the link up top to my store if you're interested!
If you're dying to know more, here are five things you might not know about me:
  • I've only left the United States for an extended period twice. I took a study abroad program in Ireland when I was in college, and I visited Barcelona, Spain and Nice, France with friends in the fall of 2021. I have, however, driven across the US at least 10 times. I've lived in four different states - born and raised in Illinois, college in Minnesota, a year in California, and now Georgia!
  • I LOVE chocolate. Super dangerous that I work in a chocolate shop now! Aside from everything at Sweet Cacao Chocolates, my favorite chocolates of choice are peanut butter M&Ms and anything salted caramel.
  • I am terrified of anything with more than four legs, insects and arachnids alike.  Butterflies are okay sometimes, but everything else basically makes me an anxious mess, especially spiders and millipedes!  I do, however, love snakes.  I find them completely fascinating.
  • I'm obsessed with Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks.  How to Train Your Dragon is one of my favorite movies, and I even have a stuffed Toothless and a fleece sweater based off of Toothless that I designed and made myself.
  • If you want me to do anything for you, you can bribe me with fancy cheeses.  I'll try anything at least once and, honestly, the funkier the better!


Hopefully you've had a look through my gallery by this point and have a feel for my style. I tend to take a lifestyle approach most of the time, letting the animals do what they do and capturing what I can, and I work on location with entirely natural light.

Before your session, we will meet** for a short consultation so we can talk about what session type is right for you and where you would like your session to take place. If there's a dog park you love, I will be glad to chase Rover around and capture him in his natural element. If Princess is more of a homebody, we'll stick to what she knows, open up the blinds, and let her soak in some sun from the comfort of her favorite place. All this and more will be discussed at your complimentary pre-session consultation.
When your session has been completed, we will schedule an ordering session to take place in your home so you can view the finished images of your beloved family member. Plan on having me in your home** for 1-2 hours so we can coo over how great your pet looks and discuss your print needs. I will bring along size samples and wall display options so you can figure out what will look best in your home, as well as album and product samples.
**With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, these meetings will be taking place via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. During the ordering session, we'll do a screen share to view the images from your session together, and afterward, you will have an online gallery to look through at your leisure for ordering. I will try to have some mock-ups of products we talk about during your consultation so you can get an idea of sizes and what they'll look like.
Masks are required during sessions, whenever you are not in the frame with your pet(s). I will also be wearing a mask, and we will observe social-distancing guidelines as much as possible.

Every session is unique and we will use your complimentary pre-session consultation to discuss your photography needs at length, but the average investment for a session is $500-$1200.  The most important thing to me is that you get what you want out of your session, which is why we meet to talk before any money changes hands!  At your consultation, we will discuss which session is right for you and what products you might like to take home when all is said and done.

I am based in southern Georgia, but I love to travel! Please contact me for a quote if you're farther than a 1 hour drive from Thomasville, GA.

Basic Sessions

Small | $200 | 1 hour, 10-15 final images
no minimum order
Medium | $300 | 2-2.5 hours, 30-35 final images
minimum order required
Large | $400 | 3.5-4 hours, 50 final images
minimum order required
I offer session fee discounts for families that own or are training service animals
and active military.

Specialty Sessions

Twilight Session | $300 | 1 medium session with priority scheduling
A session to celebrate the life of a beloved friend, for elderly pets or pets diagnosed with
cancer or other terminal illness.  The booking of these sessions take priority over other sessions.
10% off packages and 25% off a la carte items with no minimum order.
For a larger session with products attached, consider the Celebration of Life session below.
Grow With Me | $1250 | 3 small sessions over the course of a year
Perfect if you're bringing home a brand new puppy.  Sessions recommended for
8-10 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year.  Plan includes 3 gift prints per session, an 8x8 album
covering the entire year with an option to upgrade, and 15% off a la carte items.
Adoption Story | $600 | 1 medium session
A session to celebrate the adoption of your newest family member.  5 gift prints,
a 5x5 album with an option to upgrade, and 15% off a la carte items.  $100 will be
donated to a local rescue or animal charity of your choice.
Celebration of Life | $700 | 1 large session with priority scheduling
A true celebration of the life you share with your beloved pet.  This session is reserved
for elderly pets or pets diagnosed with cancer or other terminal illness.  The session fee 
includes an upgraded, personalized 15-spread 8x8 album with all session images, 
your choice of 5 gift prints, and a special locket gift.
All prices are subject to GA and Thomas County sales tax.
Prices at your time of booking are locked in, but prices in general may change at any time.
Session fee discounts apply only to basic sessions.