So... how does this work?

It's easy, I promise! Just send me a message using the nifty contact page (link up top!), and I will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours. From there, we will schedule a complimentary pre-session consultation and get started on building your perfect session!


What happens at a pre-session consultation?

At a time and place that is mutually convenient, we'll meet** for coffee or tea so we can sit for a little while and talk about what you want to get out of a session with me. We can talk about your pets, what kind of wall hangings you would like, or whether or not you want an album. I will bring a detailed price list and some samples of what I offer, and we can discuss what session would be best for your family. There is absolutely no obligation to book with me; if we don't fit, we'll part with a friendly handshake. If you do decide to book, we'll compare calendars and figure out when and where you would like to have your session! Your session fee is due at this time to reserve your desired date, and I will have a portrait agreement for you to read and sign.

** I like to have the pre-session consultation in person, but with the current health crisis, it will be held virtually. It can take place over the phone, through Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet, or via email. Your session fee and signed portrait agreement are still required to reserve your desired date.


What does the session fee cover?

When you book a basic session, your fee first reserves your desired session date. I will belong to you completely; I never book more than one full session on a single date. The session fee also covers your photo shoot, full retouching of your images, sneak peeks on Facebook, and a personalized ordering session. Basic sessions do not include any prints or products. The Medium and Large basic sessions also include a minimum order, which will be discussed at your pre-session consultation.


Why do I have to have an ordering session? Can't you put everything in a gallery?**

Short answer: No, I can't. Long answer: Ordering sessions are your friend! This meeting is where you will see your images for the very first time, and I want to be there to see your reactions. It's also important that we have these meetings in your home so we can really discuss in depth what prints and products you want and where/how they will be displayed. I come fully loaded with album and product samples as well as size examples so you can see just how small an 8x10 print actually looks hanging above your mantel. You'll get to look through a finished album to see which size suits you best, and I'll have swatches so you can figure out which fabric you like best for the cover. It's also quite common for me to arrive with sweet treats for both human and pet alike.

**Because of COVID-19, your images will be put into an online gallery, but only after our virtual ordering session. We'll meet via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet for the reveal of your images and to discuss your product desires, then you will have access to an online gallery to place your order.


What sort of prints and products do you have?

You will get a detailed list of everything I have available, both a la carte and collection, during your pre-session consultation and your ordering session. I offer prints, gallery wraps, desk and wall collages, albums (very popular!), and some other goodies, including a personalized ornament sale that takes place September-November. Don't worry if your session doesn't take place in the fall - any image you purchase from me is archived for 3 years following your session!


Will you photograph me / my family / humans?

If you want photographs with your pets, absolutely! If you want photographs of just you humans, maybe. The main focus of my business is pet photography, but I am also an artist, so I love to be active in the local art community. I will occasionally offer days of mini sessions to update headshots, and I also offer an "artists in action" session to document you while you create your own art. If you're interested in either of those things, please shoot me a message to find out mini session dates or check out the "artists in action" section of the website! At this time, I do not offer family sessions for humans only.